Thrice Returns. Cutting a Fan Footage Music Video.

June 1, 2016

I’ve been listening to Thrice ever since their 2003 breakout record The Artist in the Ambulance.  They’re one of those bands who grew up with me.  From records like The Alchemy Index – an anything goes concept album inspired by the classical elements, to the classic 90’s grunge tones of Major/Minor, their catalogue offers an array of sounds that will peak any alt-rock listener’s ear.  In 2012, Thrice announced they would be taking a hiatus.  With the news came a farewell tour along with the record Anthology recorded live on the road.




Inspired by the sonic quality of the recording, album art and photography from the tour, I put together my own homage to the band.  Similar to Radiohead’s Live in Praha concert film, I downloaded 50+ live performances of the band performing Anthology from YouTube and stitched them together to create a multi cam edit that paired perfectly with the live track.

The most challenging aspect of the edit was converting all the footage into a workable format.  Each video came down at different frame rates and sizes.  It took some transcoding and and a bit of finagling, but once everything was uniform and synced to the guide track in AVID, I could start the assembly. Probably 85% of the footage was unusable.  It was really about watching through each performance and finding the very best moments…lights, hands, crowd surfers, and just overall emotion.  Then, finding a way to piece them together in a visually cohesive string.

Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait too long for another record.  Thrice’s ninth studio album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere was released May 27th 2016. The title is a first hint of the record’s thematic texture.  Singer and lyricist Dustin Kensrue tackles government oppression, war, foreign policy, breaches of privacy and the effects of technology on relationships.  I’m usually skeptical of musicians who infuse political and social views into their music.  However, Kensrue’s commentary on these current issues have been written with care and are creatively woven throughout the record.  Complemented by great musicianship, top notch production and powerful vocals, TBEITBN is a much welcomed addition to Thrice’s ever evolving discography.

I’ve included a few favorite tracks below.  Have a listen!

Hurricane | Blood On The SandBlack Honey | Wake UpSalt And Shadow

Carl Vasile

Carl Vasile is a film and television editordirector of photography, and voiceover artist located in New York City.

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