With Baby. Our Journey to Parenthood.

January 1, 2020

January 2020.  The beginning of a new decade.  Kendra and I didn’t get too far into the new year before we were greeted with some amazing news.  We’re having a baby!!!  This page will act as a place to share and archive our experience.  You’re welcome to come along for the ride.  We hope you enjoy.

Kendra and I ringing in the New Year at Glen Falls House in Catskill, NY.

Ultrasound | 7 Weeks

Kendra’s due date is September 13th.  Amazingly the same date as our brother Paul’s birthday!

Ultrasound | 10 Weeks

Ultrasound | 13 Weeks

This experience was really incredible and quite emotional.  We saw the baby moving and even heard the heartbeat.  He or She is healthy and growing steadily!

March 14th – Our doctor gave us a sealed envelope with our baby’s gender.  At first we were unsure whether we wanted to know – we thought we could wait until our baby was born.  We thought wrong, so Kendra and I decided we’d make a day of it, go out for dinner and open it together.  Curious what we’re having?  Watch the video below…

Ultrasound | 16 Weeks

Happy to report we are safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.  Trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  Thanks to Mama Vasile (my mom, Janice) for the homemade masks!

Ultrasound | 24 Weeks

We’ve both been spending quite a lot of time at home over the past couple of months.  It’s definitely taken some getting used to but we’re thankful for the extra time together.  We’ve been cooking, drawing, reading, watching plenty of tv and movies and of course doing a bit of re-modeling for when baby gets here.

At the end of June we spent a week in Cape Cod with our friends Matt and Robyn.  It was the perfect place for a baby moon.  Lots of space to spread out, beautiful beaches, delicious seafood and incredible sunsets.  A much needed change of scenery from our usual stay at home routine.

Our virtual baby shower was a success!  Even though we had to gather from a distance, we had a great time celebrating our baby girl with family and friends.  Special thanks to Kendra’s mom Susan and sister Nicole for spearheading the event.  Along with the special touches from my siblings Paul and Jill and nieces Addie and Ella.  Also Abbey for the thoughtful games and the reveal of our baby’s name.  See below!

Kendra is 38 weeks pregnant.  Siena is almost here!  To celebrate and capture this milestone we had a fun maternity shoot. Special thanks to Matt Ellis for capturing some amazing shots!

Seina Elise Vasile was born on September 11th, 2020 at 3:19p weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces.  We spent two safe nights at Mount Sinai West hospital and are now home recuperating and enjoying our new baby girl.  She is a beauty!

Siena is already 1 week old!  We’re enjoying watching our baby grow (even though we’d love to have her stay this little for much longer).  Everyday she surprises us with something new.