Clip, Snip, Fade. Cutting BARRIO BOY the Short.

March 15, 2016

It was literally a hot and sweaty summer day in Brooklyn, NY.  I arrived at Fade 2 Famous barber shop extremely excited, a bit nervous and somewhat sluggish since I attended an RX Bandits show the night before.  Finally, after many cocktails and conversations with director Dennis Shinners, BARRIO BOY the short film became a reality.


Slated to be the film’s editor, I was on set to observe and consult, but I also revisited my roots by capturing the shop’s sounds as the audio recordist.  By the end of the day, every part of the story was in the can.  Now, it was time to bring this barber’s sexy, lyrical daydream to life.



From Director, Dennis Shinners

“Carl brought out things in the material I hadn’t foreseen and made them better.  Because that’s what Carl does.  His unique perspectives and aesthetics really transformed and elevated the material to a level beyond what I had thought it was capable of achieving.  Not only does he possess a highly skilled editorial hand but a seemingly effortless command of the latest technological tools of his trade as well.  His editorial style was without question a vital part of the film’s success.”



BARRIO BOY has since gone on to play over 90 film festivals worldwide, captivating audiences, attracting fans and receiving a great deal of praise from the press.

“The kind of premise that makes a great subject for a short film, Barrio Boy is tightly paced and executed, counting on stylish editing and a charming performance from his protagonist, a Latino barber in Brooklyn.” – BOYS ON FILM 14: WORLDS COLLIDE (2016)

In an interview with Shinners, Nicholas Snow exclaims “I see the movie and I want to cry because of my own experience of having this internal world of hopes and dreams and the struggle to connect that with my ultimate reality.  I think that’s sort of what life is about.  We learn who we are and we try to find our place in the world and sometimes the world supports us in that and sometimes it doesn’t.”


The short is available on DVD and VoD from Peccadillo Pictures.  The feature version is slated for production in the summer of 2016.  Watch the teaser below.

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Carl Vasile

Carl Vasile is a film and television editordirector of photography, and voiceover artist located in New York City.

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